James Rossey -Claming to be Entergy

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Anthony –

Victim Location 77702

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Subject called, posing as Entergy, claiming power was going to be disconnected. Our caller ID showed Entergy, so the call was routed to me, as I am accounts payable. We have moved locations in recent years, however, our number has been associated with our old address, and the new occupant is in the same industry, so I figured it was a simple misunderstanding and would help get them in touch with the right people. After a few questions, he began to explain that our account was past due and payment needed to be made immediately in order to avoid a disconnection.

I asked him to confirm the last payment made, he gave me a date and dollar amount that did not match my records. Once again, I told him that our bill was not past due, I pay our bills on time, all my records show all statements have been paid and posted at the bank, I believe this call is in error. The conversation then got very heated, threatening to disconnect our service if we don’t pay soon. I asked what the balance was to bring our account current, he gave me a dollar amount a little over $1,500. When I asked why is that amount lower than the last 3 months of payments he is claiming are past due, he gave the reason of since I provided him with the last payment amount, he was going to waive that amount. Which the numbers still didn’t add up.

I turned the call over to the owner, since I was done arguing with the caller. He started his speech again about disconnecting our service, demanding payment. He then told our owner that we needed to provide him with our cell phone number, go to CVS and make a payment. This was confirmation that this was not legit. I hung up the phone and he called back, which this time the caller ID showed unavailable. I answered the call, told him do not call back and hung up again. Have not heard from him since. I called the number back and it sounds like a phone menu for Entergy. Entergy customers beware!



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