James richmond

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Marc –

Victim Location 44410

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

This person claimed to be employed by Vin Diesel and stated that they started a new program that allows them to select followers to win prizes such as cash cars electronics and gift cards. He sent me a DM via instagram to tell me I placed 2nd in this weeks giveaway and I won $250,000 and a $300 Amazon gift card. He then asked me to verify my full name address and phone number then agree not to disclose the amount of the prize to anyone, and lastly stated that all taxes were paid on the prize amount and I would have to pay $500 state to state transaction fee in order for this prize to be delivered to me. When I asked for verification that this was legitimate and not a scam he stated that this company and program were both monitored by the FBI and were registered with the BBB. When I asked how I could verify this he never answered me and then simply said that if I could not pay the transaction fee that he could simply cancel it. Not once did he give me the actual name of a company or anything.



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