James Newman

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Scott –

Victim Location 23112

Type of a scam Rental

I contacted a number about a rental property. Once I filled out and responded to what I now know is a fake rental application he began asking me for money in exchange for the keys which would be sent to my current residence. There are two listings for the same property. The other completely different information but better rate. A rent to own option was offered. I have pictures of the listing. Which has been removed since I had contacted him. Email, which I researched and the exact email word for word has been plastered all over the Internet .. and text messaging by the listed number above. I have screenshots of all our messages as well.

Randy –

Victim Location 79602

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Was contacted by phone, then text, and then by email about needing a roof on a house that was just purchased here in Abilene Texas. the house is located on 1917 *** street. The gentleman that contacted me was James Newman, email is [email protected] We talked on the phone first, he agreed that we should go out and look at the property. He texted me the day of and said he couldn’t make it but we should go ahead on go. I got his email address to email him an estimate. A month later he emails me back this.

Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2016 15:44:01 +0100

Subject: Re: Estimate 1002 from *** Construction LLC

From: [email protected]

To: ***@hotmail.com


Thank you for getting back to me with the total estimate.

I would need a little favor from you.

Because am just presently, recuperating from the diagnosis of lung

Cancer and i still go to the hospital for check up. As stated that i’m

out of town and i just recently bought this home and i would like the

roof to be replace before i could relocate and move in with my family

once completed. I am having problem balancing the former owner of the

house. I only paid part of the payment and due to the fact that he

doesn’t have the facility to accept credit card for payment, then i

decided that you would be able to help me out, I will really

appreciate it if you could do a perfect job for me regarding the roof

replacement. I will also like you to do me a favor due to my present

condition for now. The initial owner of the house do not have access

to credit card facility that is why i want you to handle everything

for me, i will mail you a check payment with the sum of $9836.90 and you

will deduct the sum of $1836.90 deposit of your service and wire the

remaining $8,000.00 to the former owner of the property who sold the

house to me as this is the balance payment for the purchase of my

home. Once the former owner have the $8,000.00 he will make the keys

available to you. I will be paying you the balance of your work once

the job has been completed.


I just think this is weird and a possible scam.



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