James Michael Howard, Inc.

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Leah –

Victim Location 92802

Type of a scam Employment

This is a secret shopper, who found me on a free product website. After I showed interest in secret shopping, they fedex’ed me a letter, and a "formal" check, made out to me, in the amount of $2,550.00. They wanted me to cash the check, then take 300 out for my part in secret shopping, and after that, go to a western union company and send $1,050.00 to two people on their list. Aside from the strange wording (as if written by someone not from this country), they also flubbed when they asked me to send the monies, to Cherry, and Melody, at the two locations, but the names to send them were Robin, and Dylon. I guess they’re slipping up in their fraudulent notes. I am sending you a copy of the letter FedEx, and also the check. I hope you can stop these people, and have them arrested and put away.



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