James McAdams

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Mallory –

Victim Location 45204

Type of a scam Romance

I am reporting this for my sister Cathy. He became friends on Jun 10, 2018. https://www.facebook.com/unuata.orode? fref=pb&hc_location=friends_tab

She did not send money and just ignored the requests. Cathy is >60 but thinks on a 9-year old level.

He pretends to live in Portland, OR but worked for a non-existent business. The only James McAdams listed in Portland, Oregon died in 2012.

-When she told him her brother lives in portland, Oregon he responded,

>On 7/10/18 he wrote “But am presently working 200KM offshore In the gulf of Mexico” (not miles)

>On 07/16/18 He said he wanted to come to see her on vacation but asked, “If you can send the sum of $1200 for my one way ticket back home. I will send you the agency secretary details in GERMANY, that you will send the ?? to through either western union or money Gramm.

He asked about it again on 07/17, 07/18, 07/20, 07/23 and on 07/26

On Friday, 01/04/18 at 3:34 PM Cathy left audio message, “How’s your son doing? I hope you’re praying to God for him. I know you are. I will pray for him too and that’s a promise. I love you and tell him I love him too, even though I don’t know him. And God will help him because He helps everybody. He helped me a lot so pray to God too. James, pray to Him that your son gets better, sweetheart. I love you, I love you, very much. This is your Cat. I love you baby, bye.”

Cathy left audio message Friday, 01/04/18 at 8:33 PM. “I’m writing you back to let you know how I’m doing. I been praying for him, I have. And tell him I love him. “

*** I spoke to Cathy and explained that he apparently lives in Germany and is a fake trying to get money from her. I told her that if he asks for money instead of giving address to hospital to send card, that will be further proof that I am right. Asked if I could correspond to him on Messenger with her account and she gave me permission. I am already set up as an second account manager.

>I sent message to James using Cathy’s Messenger Saturday, 01/ 5/19 at 2:03 PM “What hospital you?”

>Message to James on Saturday, 01/ 5/19 at 2:03 PM “Hey baby, I want to send get well card to your son, if that is okay. Where do I send it to? I love you very much and your son.”

I sent message to James on Saturday, 01/ 5/19 at 2:32 PM “What about get better soon card for your son?”

I sent message to James on Saturday, 01/ 5/19 at 2:36 PM “How is your son doing?”

To James on Saturday, 01/ 5/19 at 2:39 PM “I am so sorry honey. I wish I was too. I can send Amazon card with get well card tomorrow.”

To James on Saturday,01/ 5/19 at 2:39 PM “Josh can get it for me. Where do I send it to?”

To James on Saturday, 01/ 5/19 at 2:41 PM “You’re welcome."

To James on Saturday, 01/ 5/19 at 2:42 PM “That poor baby of yours. James, cancer is terrible and not fair for your boy to have.”

To James on Saturday, 01/ 5/19 at 2:45 PM “I will send it to you in Portland and my brother Earl lives there too. Where do I send it?”

To James on Saturday, 01/ 5/19 at 2:48 PM “Baby I will have to get Josh to help me do that tomorrow. Is that okay sweetheart?

To James on Saturday, 01/ 5/19 at 2:51PM “When can I see you? I know you have to be with your baby boy for now. You are my man. Okay bye for now. Sweetheart how do I send get better soon card to your boy because it has inside pages too?”

Then received, "Chat Conversation End"

How do we stop this guy from hurting others as he has my sister?



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