James Lucas

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Cindy –

Victim Location 14621

Total money lost $26,453

Type of a scam Government Grant

Some lady on Facebook that I do not know, contacted me out of the blue asking me if I got my money yet. I said what money? She said a government grant for $100,000 and you will never have to pay bills again. I said how did you get it? She said she texted some guy named James Lucas, and he told her what to do. She said send money to Nigeria and I will have what they call "win money". I was promised my so called win money after spending money on iTunes cards, bitcoin and western union. I feel dumb for falling for this crap. I fell behind on my bills, rent, I couldn’t take care of anything at all. This should not be going on at all. Please beware of these numbers and random people on Facebook contacting you about a government grant. Don’t be a sucker and fall for it. I have way more much to say but I’ll keep this short. These people are nothing but liars and will do anything in their power to get you to send money. I now know, you don’t have to pay money to get money.



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