James John Robert

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Caroline –

Victim Location 21113

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Investment

I’m a member of multiple work from home groups on Facebook. I saw a post in one of these groups promoting a way to earn Bitcoin from a guy named James John Robert. I commented on the post asking for more information and he sent me a message, telling me to come on Facebook messenger so he could tell me about it. On Facebook messenger he was telling me how he knows a way to transfer bitcoin worth $24,000 to my blockchain wallet. I told him that I was interested in knowing how to do this. He told me that in order to get started, I would have to buy a certain amount of bitcoin for $100, so I agreed and bought the bitcoin. After that, he eventually told me to invest in more bitcoin in order for him to transfer the $24k to my blockchain wallet. This was about $300 in total. After that, the guy told me to open a brand new blockchain account and get the newest blockchain app so he can transfer the money to it. I got the app and about 30 minutes later he told me to log in to my account. As soon as I logged in, I saw the $24k in my account but I noticed that there were no funds available in my balance that I could send. This was really suspicious to me. Next he told me to open a new credit card in my name so he could transfer the money there. I opened a new credit card but when I asked him when he was going to transfer the money, he never got back to me. A few days later he sent a message, telling me that in order to have the funds released onto my credit card, I have to go to my nearest store and buy $4800 worth of iTunes gift cards. I told him that this sounds very risky and that the bank could close my account for that. He kept trying to convince me that nothing would happen and he kept urging me to go to the store, saying that he has to get the cards by the end of the day. We were arguing back and forth and it was almost harassment. Because of this I blocked his number and blocked him on Facebook. He still continues to use different numbers with different area codes to call and text me. I also received a text message from someone who said they are an agent from the North Carolina police department saying that i had his money and that I need to call him before he takes any action. When I called him back, not only did he not answer, but the number is a text-now subscribed number. This means that James or whoever is doing this, is registering free text numbers, trying to contact me.



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