James Hunt

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Randall – Feb 26, 2020

Victim Location 30349

Total money lost $350

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Saw James Hunts advertisement on Instagram initially then on TV sister circle, and I was referred by a friend.

He had a special of $350 for credit repair where he guarantees credit repair.

He guarantees student loan removal from your credit.

I paid my money and he then asked me to text him my information such as password/user name for score sense.

He went in printed my credit reports.

He composed letters that were to be signed by me and sent to the 3 credit bureaus with disputes.

I received the letters I had questions I called him/left voicemails no response. I left emails no response. I texted him not response.

I reached out to him the through his social media instagram (Whoisjameshunt) no response.

He finally answered a phone call and he told me he would compose a different letter for me and that it would be in the mail. Never arrived.

It’s a total scam I sent off these letters.

The credit bureaus respond to your disputes and he never reaches back out with further instructions. In my original packet of instructions it states that if anyone contacts you notify his company he will handle it.

I went online and it states in Georgia you are not to charge upfront cost for credit repair.

I emailed paperwork that was sent to my house. He never returned any calls he never sent out a received email to let me know he was handling it.

The information he sent me did not correspond with the credit repair that I needed.

I called him to resolve the problems he would send me to voicemail.

Finally sent a text message explaining I was unsatisfied he called me irate screaming and yelling.

I called him back he had someone else to answer with him in the background still yelling that he had thousands of emails and calls.

I’m very aware of that but when do you plain on answering or replying to a paying customer. He has you pay through Zelle because the charges can’t be disputed.



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