James houston

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Rachael –

Victim Location 35160

Total money lost $1,200

Type of a scam Romance

I started talking to this guy on a site, all was fine. Talked about his mother passing and he was raising his daughter. He sent mw pictures of diamonds. Sent pictures of i thought was he and his daughter.

He started telling me his lawyer took all his money and he had no money too feed his daughter. Would i please help him he would pay me back as soon as he got home. He begged an begged. The next day he said he was at the air port in new york an they would not let he and his daughter fly with out papers. Then he started begging for money for this. I told him i was on fixed income and was on fixed income. I was healing from cancer an i had lost everything i had. He told he would help me.

I told him i had no more money to send. He got irate and started telling me he was going to kill his self and it was my fault and the media and courts would see i killed him leaving his daughter all alone for no one to care for. This person or persons would call me a lier and nasty names. He even played as if he over dosed and played his daughter telling me i all most killed her dad. The phone calls have yet to stop daily all day. He sent me and email from a laywer

He said i had better help this man or it was going to cost more money. He said i had issues and that i do as his client asked i was putting the little girl though a alot and should be ashamed. Saturday my phone rang , texts. Emails. Threats.i have more pictures.

And emails.

When. I clicked on the last email i was able to open up ***@gmail.com

*** *** *** Said he was

*** *** And had pictures of billy fan site

I have all this.

This morning the picture is gone and is showing

*** *** with nudity.



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