James Hoffman

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Cassandra –

Victim Location 34608

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

+-I got a call today from an "Unknown caller/unknown phone #" from David Morgan who stated his phone # is 831-675-6796, and he is from the Las Vegas NV BBB. He wanted to know if I got any calls from people saying I won sweepstakes or had a check coming to me. I told him yes, and the 3 that called me were James Hoffman from Bank of America, 800-317-6960 and Dabney Morgan Fl cash awards 614-356-7416 and Molander at 954-688-3699 He said initially that James Hoffman was a scammer then said that the person from Bank of America was legitimate as that is where the funds are verified from. He stated he would call back to verify the funds. Meanwhile I called ScamPulse.com of southern NV 702–320-4500 and s/w Adelina who stated there is no one by that name, David Morgan in their office. I called the nortern NV ScamPulse.com office and s/w Terry 775-322-0657 whostated the same. I checked online and the 831 number he gave me is from Gonzales CA 93926.I called Bank of America and they verified that the number above is NOT one of their phone numbers.



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