James Hensley

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Thomas –

Total money lost $90

Type of a scam Employment

The individual posts ads on online freelance websites, to be honest I don’t remember how I found him as it’s been awhile. It might have been Freelancer.com or Guru.com. The ad claims you just have to write some short reviews to make some money. When I was "hired" I was sent money via Paypal (all transactions were done through PP) in chunks of $20 dollars then sent a link to a freelance gig on Fiverr.com and Tictail.com, one of the gigs I was repeatedly asked to buy was this one: https://tictail.com/virtualassistant/i-will-be-your-private-detective-spy and this one https://tictail.com/virtualassistant/fiverr-sales-formula, and some others from stores that are "mysteriously" offline now. They would send me enough money to purchase it, then I would leave a positive review, then they would send me $10 via Paypal. The names of the senders were random, never from the email of the person I was talking to. I did this for about a month or more, then suddenly all the payments that were send to me were being disputed by the sender. And I had no way of arguing really the dispute, so the it would close in their favor, they’d get their money back. Eventually the money got returned and now my Paypal account is in a negative balance and I can’t even access it anymore. I’ve emailed "James", or whatever his name is as his typing leads me to believe English isn’t his first language, repeatedly asking for the money back to at least return my PP account to good standing. And he says he’ll pay me back but never does. I was scammed, and so were all the people sending the money to me. At least they got their money back.



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