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Erik – Oct 27, 2020

Had the same
Problem … The guy scammed my GF over a cellphone ! Got an adress in Manitoba where my package got delivered

Luke –

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Hello, Ive had this person contact me over SMS going by the name James Gideon and his email is [email protected] Apparently he lives in Florida and I’m selling out of Canada he said he will send me the money and the cost for shipping over Interac e-transfer. I accepted, but the email said the payment is currently pending until I get the tracking information from Canada Local post. I noticed the email was from [email protected] that’s where I knew something was up. He suggested "I have to pay for shipping and the money will be credited back from the e-transfer" which from experience my friend got into the same problem and sent the item never got his money back. So I told him that I cannot continue with the sale and I wanted to send the money back which was apparently pending with interac. His repsonse was I have to go to Money Gram and send it back too him out of my pocket then it will be "Credited back to me". I blocked the user because nothing seemed legit and I need help now. He is spamming me with threats that he will "Send the FBI in 24 hours if he doesn’t receive the money that isn’t even in my bank account that is still "currently pending as it await shipment". his number is +2039520962 from where I got contacted from. I’m also not sure if the money is real or not but it isn’t in my Bank account. The Interac email doesn’t seem legitimate either. Now he’s accusing me of "stealing and fraud" and apparently "called the FBI" I don’t know what to do. I contacted Interac scam and phishing department to investigate but I don’t know what to do henceforth.

Cara –

Hey text me 3526195472 i deadass just got scammed by him as well



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