James Clark

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Lawrence –

Victim Location 29302

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

James Clark called me yesterday. I answered the call. A young sounding man said he was in an accident and that I needed to call his attorney. He gave me a phone number, asked me to repeat it back to him, then ended the call with "I love you." Then I had an attorney call saying "this is James Clark attorney." He notified me that my call was being recorded. I asked him what grandson had the accident, he named the name. I knew that wasn’t true as my grandson was at work yesterday at that time. When I told him that was lie, he hung up on me. James Clark gave me this case number RT95MV.

Rebecca –

Victim Location 45439

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Offered 3.5 million & a 2016 Mercades Benz.Wanted $775.oo for taxes before hand.



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