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Type of a scam Employment

We have received a letter with your consent and are glad that you

decided to join our company.

Now we’ll immediately move on to our next step.

In this letter I’m sending to you the documents to fill in.

Important: all documents must be printed, accurately filled in by

hand, scanned and sent back.

The first and most important thing is signing the contract.

Open the document named “Employment contract”.

This document includes all basic conditions of your working from home.

Please, study this document thoroughly.

In the second paragraph “Wages and Schedule of work” you need to

choose the kind of occupation (Part-time or Full-time). Put the tick

into the field you have chosen. Then there is the information about

working hours and salary for the chosen kind of occupation.

At the end of the document you will have to put your signature to

confirm that you agree with the conditions.

Then you need to write in your name, the date of filling in and your

personal signature.

The next equally important document is “application for employment”.

This is your personal information form. When filling in this form be

careful and don’t make mistakes.

You also need to write in your name, date of filling in and personal

signature at the end of the document.

All these documents must be filled in accurately, in block letters,

scanned and sent in reply to this letter.

You must register Telegram. Download this application in your mobile

market and install it on your phone. You also need to register an

account with Telegram. Then send me the phone number that will be

attached to your account.

After we have received your documents you will be sent an Employment

Verification Letter (an official letter, confirming the fact that you

are working at our company). Then you will be able to start performing

your direct responsibilities right away.

Sincerity, manager James Berg.



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