James Arndt

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Ivan –

Victim Location 32643

Total money lost $161

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Saying they have yorkies for sale at $150 because they have a liter coming and had 3 pups left that were 12 weeks old. I know what they cost and I asked question after question and they had answers and a video of the 3 pups. They said that for $150 they will ship the pup to you and they broke down the cost. $100 was a donation and the $50 was for the flight, carrier w/dog blanket and their toys plus bowls and food/water. Once I sent the money which they received I sent a text asking when she would be here they wrote back and said "oh, there is a problem we need additional $180" I said HELL NO and send me my money back needless to say it’s been a week and I haven’t seen it. They said she needed her shots in order to fly and the lawyer to do the paperwork. I was like per YOUR website and YOUR text she is up to date on shots and why is there a lawyer. I was told the lawyer to do the paper work transfer of names, I said bull[censored] and send me my money back. He informed me that he would send me back $50 I was like no $161.00 to be exact.

I also tried to forward the video they sent me but could not get it to go it would come back saying can not deliver.

They are using pictures of other breeders dogs posting them as theirs to sell.

What made me the maddest was that I just lost my yorkie back in February after 14 year they played on my emotions and that is what makes me sick to my stomach. These people need to be found and punished!!!!



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