James Alexander

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Jimmy –

Victim Location 38663

Total money lost $509.90

Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange

I believe that James Alexander is a scam. I believe that he might have hacked into another person I know Facebook account and connected with me about receiving a certain amount of money. One of those too good to be true deals. So, I went to his page: https://www.facebook.com/jamesgrant231 and read all about the program. Then it went just like it would have asking for information but nothing about my SSN or things like that, but I’m sure with what I gave was just enough. So, I had to send some money to get the money. It went to a cashier in Nigeria, yet another red flag I ignored. Cost me $509.90 to send it. So, it promised that money will come the next day. Well, next day comes and nothing, then more messages about the IRS said I had to pay taxes before getting the money. If it’s tax-free money, then why pay taxes? Another red flag ignored. So, I have sent a message to FB founder Mark Zuckerberg about this. I hope he can help because this have really hurt me like you don’t know. I took my hard earn money and gave it to this no-good, lying… Well, you get it. So, now, I would like to have some sense of justice because I feel rather it hits me in the heart that I won’t get that money back. But if this guy or whoever it is can be found and sent to jail will make me happy for that much. If you need the messages, I guess Facebook will keep them stored on my account. I am more than willing to help put this trash behind bars.



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