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Keri – Sep 02, 2020

Victim Location 20901

Total money lost $650

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I found a poodle puppy for an affordable price, $650, on line at www.jampoodle.com and contacted the website via email. I was asked to provide information about my exact location (to have the puppy shipped) as well as my home environment which I did as well as let them know I could not accept the puppy until "anytime after 9/14/20". This point was repeated in each of my emails and then in text messages to them. I decided to drive to pick up the puppy (the town in PA she provided is a 4hr drive from me) which they agreed to as well as a specific date and time, 9/16/20 at 4:00. Once payment was made via Cash App, which they insisted on, they then said I had to pay another $400. For the cost of feeding, boarding and another needed vaccine. The website specified that the price of the pup included up to date shots. When I stated I wasn’t in agreement with this she said she could not process the documents to turn ownership over to me. I said ok and asked her to send back my money to which she replied (via text), "Hmmmm sorry money is non refundable." When I looked up the address she provided by email and by text it is not recognized by Google.

Mathew – Sep 02, 2020

Sorry to hear this. You may want to find the state of where the business is operated and contact the attorney general and the BBB local department. Most of the time the AG will step in and help. Good luck



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