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Crystal – Aug 08, 2020

Now have a Facebook called puppies for sale houston texas. I’m out 500 trying to get a puppy for my veterian uncle who just lost his companion. I have a 3 month old daughter and I am so upset. Idk what to do.

Melody – Jul 04, 2020

New website now they have warn people

Karen – Jul 04, 2020

Lost 900 to this scam I just got out of the army to be with my husband and all I wanted was a puppy. We found a perfect puppy named Kaya on Jakes basset hound. He gave us the same story about his daughter in the hospital. Makes me so sad people will go to these lengths and mess with people emotions and their family .

Justin – Jun 24, 2020

Beware! Jakes Basset Hounds website is now down and the NEW name is
Exact same info and even the same puppy photos!

Jenny – Jun 23, 2020

Attempted to purchase a Basset puppy named Bella. Told “Jake” I was concerned about shipping the puppy but he assured me everything would be fine. Asked him if he took Paypal for payment and he said no. Asked him to send me recent puppy photos so I could make sure about how legitimate the puppy picture was. Jake said he was at the hospital with his daughter (sound familiar! same story as in comment above) but would send me photos when he got home.
As soon as we got off the phone he texted me info about paying for the puppy and said he would like to ship the puppy that evening (another warning sign).
I told “Jake” I would not proceed until I got the recent puppy photos.
I texted him for the next three days and never got a response. I called the police department in Mokena, IL to report this scam and they told me they do not allow breeders in the community.
The cell phone number for Jake is 708-390-8094

Kevin – Jun 13, 2020

Our family was so looking forward to “Winston” the basset hound promised to us by www.jakebassethounds.com only to be so very disappointed after $500 spent and the tears of my children come to find out that it was all a scam with no way to get our money back. His phone # was disconnected. He even played on our religion and emotions to earn our trust. I urge you not to contact this website. We have learned our lesson the hard way.

God Bless,
The Mastros

Louis – May 31, 2020

Victim Location 80012

Total money lost $900

Type of a scam Other

Found a website(www.jakebassethounds.com) offering basset hound that would love to have once again after my passed away in November 2018,they made look prefessional website and give you a lots of tips,information,pictures with names of puppies as well as videos, information about this breed and that how I felt in this scam,convinced sent email and responded back asking questions making look like they care where the puppies will be living,emails back and forth I asked how much they want for one of the puppies called Bruno,they said $900 and they will ship to my home free of charge,they asked to sent money via zelle or thru vanilla visa told them that will feel more confident via zelle gave me an email that was not matching his name and he said was his partner and that his business got a lots o good reviews that would make me feel comfortable,process the payment then he said that email was incorrect, told him that I sent money with the information he gave me,he asked to cancel transactions and I tried but was not possible,then I complained to him that was not my fault that was exactly as he gave me info, he will ship puppie later because he has his dougther in the hospital and can not do it at that time,then asked again he said will ship puppy and give me information and tracking number,he did at the beginning I trust that but later received 2 emails asking for $400.00 for shipping licenses and fees,still believe my puppy will be delivered but was not,they did a really good job to make me believe and look is real but at this point find out that this an scam,do not want this to happens to more people like me and is not fair this very evil people play with our feelings,very sad,lost $900.00 that I worked so hard to earned and saved,feel ashamed,frustrated and very sad,hope you can stop this, puppy did not showed sold after I paid nor even when he said was shipped.

fake shipping information:

Name: Jake Herbert

Address: 2917 Mill Point Ct.

Springfield, IL.62704



Thanks,Rigoberto Rodriguez


Phone: +1 (970) 287-6528

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