Jakeeyah Crisp

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Gerald –

Victim Location 80631

Total money lost $6,369

Type of a scam Employment

I’m behind on bills and I want an extra job so I searched on *** online jobs and found groups. I saw a lady that said she worked for ** *** and that they made small donations to people that had active bank accounts and I’m so stupid that felt for it and gave her my account information she then proceeded to deposit a $2783 check through mobile banking then she added a guy to my zelle and sent $500 to him then I had to withdraw the 2,283 and send them to her through *** so I did. I didn’t keep any money I had to send it to her and then she would deposit more. I knew then something wasn’t right so when she deposited $3585 I told I couldn’t get off work so I wouldn’t be able to withdraw that money so she said she was going to take care of it. Saturday morning while I was at work I received a call from the bank saying they needed to talk to me. I couldn’t go because I was working so today I went in and they told me both checks were deposited by me but they were fraudulent and now I needed to pay that money and that they weren’t going to open my account back and they were going to file a report that I made a fraud to the bank



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