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Fernando –

Victim Location 36330

Type of a scam Employment

Okay, so as of Thurs, Jun 21st, 2018. I was on Whisper, This is all an true story. I was on whisoer talking about my life and my struggles as of right now. A man messaged me about an painting assistant job. I was like skeptical from the beginning but then, we exchanged information, personal information that I regret as of now because I have no clue if I am safe. And the man messaged me on Hangouts because I felt uncomfortable with being on Whisper. Now, as soon as I messaged him, he started the interview. I gave him my address, my name, etc. I trusted him but now not at all. So, he sent me "his" license to make me feel better and safe but I am unsure if it is his now. I told him about paypal becuase he started asking me to send money like $1000 and such to his website manager and I was skeptical then. He then, proceeded to tell me message some man named Philip to ket him know, I was his new secretary. After that, I was unsure of what to do so I asked him. He told me to just get the information about painting supplies like the prices and such. So I was doing that yesterday. And my cousin told me about paypal and I asked and well, He wanted to write checks in my name. I figured it out after looking it up. He wouldn’t agree to doing any of the things I asked him about the paypal and that is when I became skeptical, once again. I did not give him any of my bank information and the thing about it is that I gave him my address, he doesn’t know what I look like or if I am even real to begin with. The only reason I was so hopeful about this job is because I have college soon, no job, no license, and the stress is overwhelming me. I didn’t want to take it this far at all or ever have to experience this. It took me almost 3-4 days to figure any of this out and I am so glad that I figured it out when I did.



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