Jake K. Westen of Mid-Penn ENgineering Corp.

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Chad –

Victim Location 75703

Total money lost $5,000

Type of a scam Investment

Jake Westen uses FB to seek out individuals, move to friendly, or romantic interest, and then relates how he has an opportunity to land a big government contract that suits his engineering skills. It will be big money but requires a bribe. He is adamant that this is a well known method. It is distasteful and dishonest but it’s a practice that goes on and the director that gets the bribes is well protected. Jake needs this contract badly but is short of the bribe funds to get the contract. He has submitted designs and the deadline is approaching and he is told by the director that he will be awarded the contract if Jake meets the deadline to send the remaining money for the transaction (bribe). Jake pleads with the victim, and says the loan will be paid back with great interest included and its a real short time span. Females are told that Jake has fallen in love and this money is to secure their lives together, a future of having their own home, travel and whatever their interest is .My experience was a gay related, he had developed feelings and wanted to be together. He was supposedly from Houston, both fromTexas. We have become best friends. I offered 1,000.00 dollars and he pleaded that he was 5,000.00 short running out of time. I asked for copies of his DL, social security, passport and a promissory note to pay the loan back and the purpose of the loan. He sent it all. I felt that with that much info he must be good for the loan. When questioned abouit the legality of the bribe situation, he continued to state it is a practice that goes on all the time.. After the money was sent, within a two week period he asked for an additional amount. At that point I knew it was a scam but maintained contact thinking there must be a way to get the money. He was angry and stated that the current job provided an extra month of work, He was supposed to be in Watertown New York working as an associate engineer. This wouidl be the funds topay back the loan he said. He also would have an extension to secure the contract if he had the other 5,000.00 It was at that point I was contacted by FB messenger by a woman in Tennesse who asked about my connection to Jake Westen. She related the same story that I am reporting here. He was in love with her needed the money to get a contract that would give funds for them to be togeher. Jake Westen blocked his FB site to the me and the woman. A week later we found another women from San Pedro Ca. who alwo knows Jake and his theme of money to get a contract and then a romantic future together. Both of the women had been unable to get that amount of money although one did give some money. It’s obvious Jake Westen probably is continueing to work the scam via FB. The mystery is where he actually lives. I have since found out the Drivers LIcense is not real. He does say he is from Turkey, Has an accent but rarely uses the phone, does most communicating through text, gives false hotels, room numbers and phone numbers. He has a partner, no details known other than a name of Richard.



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