Jake Care Charitable Foundation

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David –

Victim Location 75249

Type of a scam Charity

I was seeking employment via craigslist.net and received a job offer without having an interview with a employer who was on a business trip in Canada. I did not receive any information regarding the business until after I said I would accept the position. That is when I learned it was supposed to be a charity which did not have a website, was not listed on BBB, and which I could find no information or existence of online. The first task I was told to do was to deposit donation checks and into my personal banking account. I have emails going between myself and the employer that I am willing to share for investigation. I told the employer that I would not deposit the checks into my personal account and have not heard back as of yet even though a FedEx package was sent to my house which is supposed to hold the checks. I am not opening the package until further instruction from an official. I have a feeling this is not a legitimate charity and would like to have someone get to the bottom of this.



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