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Micheal –

Victim Location 76226

Type of a scam Online Purchase

When doing a Yahoo search, or Bing Search, or MSN Search, my name displays with this Link at Jail.com

‘my name’ Arrest History – jail.com

jail.com › Arrest Records › Texas

‘my name’ mugshot and arrest records in Denton County, TX. View full booking details.

2. then I click on Link which is at http://jail.com/arrest-records/my name – number

3. I click on botton to opt-out, and go through the process to opt-out, but my information still displays

4. So, I click on the button in the Jail.com website labeled – ‘Remove My Information’ which redirects me to new website https://www.internetreputation.com/press/ – Here they have an online chat just waiting to get your information so they can solicit their outrageous services

5. I communicated via email to [email protected] and he told me that my information can be removed and my reputation saved for a fee and he gave me a quote sent on 9/15/2017

Bundle discount: $2,800


http://jail.com/arrest-records/my name- number


http://countyjail.com/criminal-records/my name-4M2g72 – NOTE, this website does not exist anymore, but he is going to charge me to remove my information here. This is a SCAM!!! And Now, I cannot get anyone to take this off my name Search results – Only Google has cooperated. Yahoo, and Bing have not removed it and it seems to be due to technical difficulties. that is not my problem, they need to remove information harming me!!!!!

I believe this is a scam where the same people who post the information on the WEB Searches , will take you to their application to SAVE your reputation for OUTRAGEOUS dollar prices – this is Blackmail and should be illegal. Plus, the information at Jail.Com has wrong information about me. I HAVE NEVER BEEN CONVICTED OF A CRIME. I don’t even have a Court CASE. In my opinion, IF A PERSON is charged with small low level MISDEMEANOR, then NO WEBSITE Should be allowed to Post anything which can ruin a person’s career and reputation. It is very harmful, and it is a defamation of Character to my Professional CAREER that i have had for 20yrs. I am trying to get a JOB which normally takes me a month, but people see this on the Internet and don’t know what to think of me – It has been a horrible nightmare for me.



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