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Jared –

Victim Location 90069

Type of a scam Online Purchase

BEWARE JAGUAR BUYERS. I responded to an advertisement by Jaguar for the XF V6 for 0 down and $399 a month lease agreement. It is false advertising. I agreed to pay $1800 down and the $399, chose the car via email (with Mike Hamadani) intending to file for my credit online (via the link I was sent) so that I could go in the following day and pick up the car. I had lengthy conversations on speaker phone with my husband listening in the car as I secured the terms of the deal with Khris Garwick, the sales manager. We confirmed down payment, monthly cost, mileage, term of lease verbally. In the state of California a verbal agreement is binding. My husband was witness to the entire conversation and agreed that I outlined the deal on the phone very specifically $1800 down, $399 plus tax per month, 10,000 miles per year, black premium package car that they agreed to powder coat the wheels black. Khris and I reached a very clear understanding. I requested that the confirmation of the car details together with the financial information be sent to me in writing before sending my financials to run the credit check. They sent me the car details and the credit form. I requested the financial agreement made on the phone to be written in an email. We had a 10am appointment set the following day to finalize the contract after they had run the credit check. I followed up again for the confirmation of the number agreed upon. This time I received an email outlining the numbers but with a 7500 per year mileage unless I wanted the 10,000 and the price was to increase. According to the email the car they were offering was red with cream interior. I have emails clearly stating that I was not interested in red very early in the conversations, this was not merely a misunderstanding. Plus, I had my husband as a witness who heard the agreement made – the call ended with "you have a deal" and both parties in clear agreement.

My excitement for leasing new car was now turning to disappointment. I spoke to Khris on the phone again at 9am and told him that Mike had said we were talking about a red car which he knows for a fact we were not. He told me that the numbers he was looking at were for a red car and he can only base decision on whats in front of him. I asked him, do you recall us discussing the black premium package? He finally agreed, that yes he did recall but I had never discussed mileage. I argued that I did in fact very clearly state mileage as I wanted 12,000 and I accepted 10,000 on the basis that they would get me into a new lease 2 years into the existing. He said that I only had to pay $15 extra per month (not what I had been told) for the 10,000 – I was not feeling great about it on principle but I asked him to write up and email the deal and I would drive over to close the deal in 1 hour. Before I finished my sentence he said "I don’t want to sell you a car" – I replied…" I am confused" …Khri replied "well you lied, I don’t like selling cars to liars and I don’t want to sell you a car". Initially I was just so taken back I simply said ok thanks and put the phone down. Something was very wrong about this chain of events. I am counting my lucky stars that I didn’t get into a deal with Jaguar Rusnak of Pasadena. If the customer service was that bad in sales can you imagine what it would be like in service when something goes wrong.

After sitting back and contemplating the entire stream of conversations and emails I realized why I received such a rude and cut throat response from Khris Garwick. Because I insisted on having everything documented in an email prior to going to the dealership to sign the paperwork there was no way to up-sell me at the dealership. He never had any intention of giving me the deal that we made on the phone. He was going to use mis-understandings to increase the monthly price and down payment.

This is a scam and potentially fraud given the binding deal agreed upon on the phone.

Having these suspicions of how dealers operate and why I decided to further investigate with another Jaguar dealership to see what would happen…..and this story is to be continued… findings led me an even larger concern that violates human rights laws….




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