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Johnny – Feb 13, 2020

Victim Location 75063

Type of a scam Other

Company that I never heard of and never did business with sent me $145 worth of products (moisturizer, cleanser, SPF lotion, brightening serum) which I did not order. I called their customer service number to ask where the order came from and hiow did they get my name and address. The rep replied that they would look into the claim, and requested that I keep the items for 21 days so that they could investigate. I said, no, as I did not want them, and had not ordered them.

I sense a scam. He said they would look into it and I would receive a phone call in 1 – 2 business days resolving the issue. No phone calls were received. I sent the items back via UPS and had to pay $11 for items that I never ordered! Of more concern, is how did they get my name and address and why are they targeting me? I checked my bank statement and credit card activity on line today, and thus far, there are no erroneous charges. But I definitely smell a scam.



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