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Shanna – Jun 15, 2020

I have signed up for this membership (Casting Hive) for a little less than a year now. I received zero casting call invitations. The payment plan is setup bi-annually so when I received my first payment, I decided to cancel the membership. The issue with this is they have no contact phone number and only a billing email address. I wrote them via email to request a cancelation for my membership. I never got a response. This site is mismanaged and they do not follow through with what they say they provide. DO NOT sign up for this membership. There are others way better suited for what you are looking for.

Rosa –

Victim Location 28411

Total money lost $106.39

Type of a scam Employment

Taking advantage of actors just another scam on the East Coast!

Henry Jaderlund casting and the Casting Hive have a service for acting notices like Actors Access or Backstage. I signed up for the emails and subscription. I got a notice last year 2016 in the fall. I submitted and was asked to come in. I went to the location and it was a dentist’s office. (They were renting out the conference room.)

I signed up for the paid membership Nov. 2016 notices on the 6 month package, since this is my job, I figured 6 months would be enough. Notices were very far and few in-between, then completely stopped coming. I was charged again because I did not remove the card from paypal and stop the reocurring charge. I frankly forgot about them because they had such few notices. And of course, they do not give refunds either.

As of today, 08/13/2017 they have 2 notices. Check for yourself – http://castinghive.com/cmi/?s=casting

Total fabricabrication. They do not have enough work or casting notices. . Do not spend your money or be taken. This is what their site claims:

"Jäderlund Casting provides the entertainment industry with a wide range of talent, we offer a full range of services for every type of production on the East Coast, with locations in Richmond VA, Times Square – New York , Atlanta (Buckhead?) Georgia and Washington D.C."

I understand people trying to make a buck. But you are charging for something you don’t have.

If you are not sure and want to try the service on a trial basis, you may do that for 24 hours, (that is really what it says on the website). That would be great if they had any castings.

It is a one person rip off operation with a nice website. The office spaces in their website are rented office spaces.



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