Jacobson Miller & Associates

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Calvin –

Victim Location 27263

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Caller id shows different numbers they call from, ex. 336/387-6679. Says they have legal papers for me. A civil suit has been brought against me. Never tells me by whom. Always leaves messages stating they are coming to my job or my home to serve papers, please have 2 forms of id and a witness when they come. If I am not going to be available, please call them at 855-616-6696 and make arrangements with them. Person has said their name is Michael Rizzo and Michael Brock. Has been calling me here at work for last 2 months. They leave a case number with me to reference it to when I call them back. I called back once and they answered the phone saying Jacobson Miller & Associates Attorneys at Law. Another time I tried calling back they just answered by sayng Hello. I hung up the second time. The first time I asked them where they were located and he wanted to know how he could help me. Would not tell me where they were, so I hung up. Now over the Christm[censored]idays they have some how gotten my daughters cell phone number, they called her and told her I was in legal trouble, she needed to have me call them. And they called my sisters cell phone and told her the same thing. Very annoying.



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