Jacob of “US Federal Grant Treasury Department

Check Jacob of “US Federal Grant Treasury Department reviews to see if it is legit.

Lance –

Victim Location 83646

Type of a scam Government Grant

Jacob claimed to work for The US Federal Grant Treasury Department. He claimed that I won a grant of $9,000 that I could use or that it was given for opening a small business, home improvement, personal finance or whatever I wished. I was selected along with 1700 other Idahoans via demographic survey that was done in Idaho. I won the grant because I was in good standing with my bills. I did voice to him that I did not believe him and was very skeptical. He then went on to state why would I do that ma’am. Once I agreed to hear about three options for how to receive the money he stated I could receive it via direct deposit, western union, or my nearest money gram store. I told him western union would be the safest option. He then told me a confirmation number and told me not to disclose that number to anyone as they will copy it and take the money. He also gave me a call back number of (202) 455-6591. I am to call this number and give the confirmation number in order to receive the grant money. I did not give out any personal information that could not be searched on google such as my age, job, married. He had a heavy accent but spoke clearly. I did not call the number back and am reporting it to you all to assist in identifying this as a scam.



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