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Kaitlin –

Victim Location 32822

Type of a scam Employment


I found a job listing on Craigslist for a personal/administrative assistant and emailed the lister asking about the job. The lister emailed me back saying I got the job without even meeting me or talking to me and then asked for my personal information, such as my address, phone number, age and email. I then receive a text message at 6 AM the next morning asking if it was me and that his accountant is going to issue a check for me to complete the first task, which said that I would need to buy items at a local store and deliver them to foster homes, as well as a first week paycheck for me. Hearing all this, after I gave my information, made me extremely sceptical and I can’t seem to find any information on this person as well.

I personally feel that this was a scam and very misleading as I did not receive anymore information regarding the job and the post on Craigslist has been flagged for removal, meaning someone reported it. I also have not heard from this person since the text message.

My major concern is that this person now has all of my personal information.

As this is a privacy/scam issue regarding my personal information as well as a fear that this person has all this information about me now, I would like to know if I can pursue any legal action towards this individual for violating, lying and misleading about a job and obtaining personal information about me.

I have all of the emails and text messages as proof.

Thank you.



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