Jacksonville Fire Fighters

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Roberto –

Victim Location 28445

Type of a scam Charity

This group – Jacksonville Fire Fighters (JFF) – was using a spoofed caller id of "DISH NETWORK"; my guess is to get the callee to answer the phone. The JFF caller knew my name and my address, but revealed that it was JFF that was calling. The caller described the alleged work that JFF does and wanted us to pledge to buy event tickets at $28 each. He asked for my email address; we gave him our PUBLIC email.

He said some other group would be contacting us regarding our donation. Shortly after completing that call, we received a call from the following:

704-874-0181 Gastonia NC

The woman wanted to verify my information, which we never got to do. Probably because I asked her why the caller id of the other place was DISH NETWORK. She *CLAIMED* it’s because that’s who supplies their phone service. I contacted Dish; they do provide phone service in some areas – I THINK by a 3rd party; not sure about that.

My concern is that EVEN IF this group – JFF – is a legitimate charity, they are still being deceptive (apparently) by spoofing their caller id.



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