Jackson lloyd group

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Thomas –

Victim Location 03304

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call from Sally Jones (dispatch office) on 8/16/18 with a file number. She claimed to have confidential documents & needed to verify my address. The voicemail was broken so I did not get a complete phone number. My phone was off so I did not have anything in my history. The next day I received another message from her stating that another company was handling allegations/complaint & since i was unresponsive, this was my final notice. I checked the phone number online (855-209-1929) and it said that it was a potential scam. I called & a different woman asked to verify my address or previous address. I told her that I would not give out any personal information until I verified that they are legitimate and that their phone number was listed as a potential scam. She said she was with the Jackson Lloyd Group. i asked for a phone number & address so I could confirm it & she refused saying that she could not give out any information and asked if i wanted to speak to a supervisor. Patrick Carter came on the line & I explained the same thing to him. He would not give up any information. Several times he asked for confirmation of my SS#, address or a 3rd that I can’t recall. Each time i stated that I would give him anything he needed after confirming that this was not a scam. We both started elevating our voices. I stated that any legitimate company, especially in a time when identities are stolen, would give me the information. he said that as i was unwilling to verify my information, he could not help me and hung up.

Jimmy –

Victim Location 36105

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They called threatening to locate me and serve me papers for a collection in a payday loan from 2012 then gave me a order number



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