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Teresa –

Victim Location 32259

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was contacted by a person claiming to be "Michael Brown", stating that the office had been contracted by US Bank to file a civil suit against me for an old account. I didn’t recall having any dealings with US Bank so I was suspicious. I was told that they had rolled the debt, court costs, and their retainer into one lump sum and were I able to make the payment to them immediately I would avoid having a summons sent to my address (the current address they did not have so they attempted to have my fiancee verify my address, which she wisely refused to to). I asked them for the time to find the funds, but instead I called the clerk of courts in my county and the neighboring county to see if there was any kind of case against me. Obviously there was no such case on file in either court. I called them back and asked them to send a copy of the complaint via email to my "attorney", but they insisted that they wanted to have the summons sent or have the payment made. I advised them not to call me again and have subsequently opted to send this information to you and to my local news affiliate to see if their investigation team might be able to dig up some more information on them. They were very convincing on the surface – they had my full name, SSN, and previous address, which would spook most people right away into opening their wallets. I hope you find some information on them and verify if this is, in fact, a scam so that others don’t get suckered in.



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