Jackson Hewitt/First Money Center

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Benjamin –

Victim Location 35125

Total money lost $750

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I filed my taxes with Jackson Hewitt January 21st 2016 and was told i was approved for a $750 advancement on my taxes since i was getting more then $1500. I was told to finish my informarion on the link they sent to my email and it would take around 2 hours to be put on the american exspress card they gave me. Once i submited my ssn to the link sent to my email, it didnt seem to go through and i never recived my payement. Since then i have callled several Jackson Hewitt customer service phone numbers and was told they know nothing about the ‘1st Money Center", which is where they sent my tax information to. I was given a number to 1st money center (844-882-9281) and called with in the hours of buisness, serveral times and was even given three different numbers and each automated service asked for me to enter my information and then it hangs up. I looked for reviews online after being unable to contact anyone either with Jackson Hewitt or 1st money center about this issue and there has been countless complaints online of this "advancement" being a scam and some customers even mentioned owing IRS more money after 1st Money Center was given their information by Jackson Hewitt. I was not made aware when i filed my taxes that my informarion would be given to another company, that when i looked them up on the BBB website i didnt not see any informarion on this 1st Money Center being approved by BBB. Jackson Hewitt represenatives replied to my concern with the fact they know nothing about 1st Money Center except a number that either refers me back to Jackson Hewitt or requires my information then hangs up. After reading several reviews online with this same problem i am terrified my tax information could be tampered with since 1st Money Center has no way to contact them to make sure they are a legitament buisness. Im not upset about the $750 it was just a convient option that they mentioned that i was approved for. I was told by customer service to go to my nearest Jackson Hewitt location to talk to some one and the represenative there said i didnt meet the requirements of 1st Money Center, however when i asked what the reqiurements for the advancement were she told me she had no idea even though when i filed my taxes i asked and was told as long as your tax refund is $1500 or over Jackson Hewitt approves you for a $750 advancement. There were even flyers advertising this all through Jackson Hewitt and they say nothing about your informarion having to be approved by 1st Money Center. I feel my informarion is not safe since so many people are having problems with this and there several reviews warning this is a scam.



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