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Seth –

Victim Location 98296

Type of a scam Debt Collections

On October 9th 2015 I recieved an automated voice message stating that a Mike Roberts had important papers to serve me at home or place of work. I immediately called and talked to a Veronica Owens, who handled all my calls, she told me I had opened a C.C in 2002 and stopped paying on it in 2010. She said the card was through Providian in which Providian was bought out by Capital One. She told me I would be sued if I did not pay on the $2600 debt. She said the firm is willing to do half. I told her I couldn’t and then she asked me how much I could pay. Seemed odd as its usually a set amount. I told her I could pay $500 to settle. She told me she needed to "ask" them if that was ok. She put me on hold to "ask them" whoever they are. She then told me that by law it would have to be $650. I said ok but I would have to make payments. I asked her about the account information, what number the card was, where it was opened, who the debt was through. She gave me all the information including the last 4 of my social. So I immediately didnt think twice. I gave her my C.C info. On the 9th of October Veronica Owen left a nasty v.m telling me that when they ran the transaction the bank replied "Do not honor" I called my bank and they told me it signaled FRAUDULANT action. I told them it was a debt collection that I was resolving and to let it go through. I called Jackson Davis and Associates multiple times on Friday leaving multiple voice mails so that we could resolve over the phone so I could get a confirmation #. I never received a call back or the email Veronica promised me. Veronica also told me that when the transaction will go through it will say Affinity Processing Solutions and that they are in New York. Jackson Davis and Associates is in Atlanta,GA under a P.O box address. I quickly knew none if it was right. Since Monday was a holiday my bank couldnt resolve anything. It was too late to cancel the first payment. Over the weekend I called Capital One to verify the debt, they had nothing and told me that they would never sue over $2,000. They told me to fwd any information from Jackson Davis and Associates to their FRAUD department. I ran all three credit reports and the debt was not on any of them. I talked to Veronica and confronted her on the phone but I only got the run around. I then went to the internet and read that they were a scam and that alot of individuals fell victims to them, in hopes of clearing debt. Im traumatized previously from debt collectors yelling at me and telling me I was worthless. I was 18 when it happenned. I called Jackson Davis and Associates on Tuesday to confront them and inform them that I was reporting them to authorities but when I called their Jackson Davis and Associates automated "Ple[censored]d for the next available representative" changed to "You have reached messages please leave etc etc etc" by this time I already cancelled my card and blocked it. They stole $325 from me. Going through Affinity Processing Solutions and telling me alot of lawyers use this as a debt collection process. I work 3 jobs doing what I need. I suffer from migraines which bc of this stress caused me one so bad I ended up in the hospital. That money could of been used on real debt to help me further my life. I am now in the process of retrieving those funds back as Veronica lied and did not provide the service I expected. Im glad I did my research although too late. Dont ever answer your phone to them or call them back. No company will call you to tell you they are sueing. These people need to get caught!!! I wi be calling Atlanta authorities A.S.A.P!



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