jack williamson

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Tabitha –

Victim Location 85225

Total money lost $700

Type of a scam Government Grant

i was scam out of 700.00 cash from the government grant. They said i will receive first 9,075 then it went up to 10,950. okay i thought that was cool. so i went ahead cause i was just thinking about what i can do with the money and just help my family out. Im 19 years old and just wanted better. so i finally made it to walmart. jack williamson the ***  *** who scam me. kept telling me to get apple cards and i did. that will equal up to 100 dollars of 400 dollars. he said do it two times. And i did like a [censored]ed but i really was not thinking negative about it cause i thought it was true…..so basically i brought 14 apple cards and got played. each cards was 50 dollars a pieces. lesson learnt everything that sound good aint good……. Watch Out !!There are evil people on this EARTH. There numbers are #315-563-1970 #315-596-2056



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