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Miguel –

Victim Location 99223

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Tech Support

I contacted this website to activate a new Magic Jack device ( which we have used in the past). Looking back the site did not have any indication of any association with Magic Jack, only indicated was Jack-Phone on the web address. What I did see was the word "Renew" and that got my attention. A person by the name of "Sam" answered and I told what I needed and he said that he could help. He said that he could renew for 3, 5, or 10 years. I settled for 3 and that you cost me $100. He did not accept personal credit cards ( thank God ) ( flag ) and that I would have to purchase a Google Play gift card. I did and called him back, he answered the phone. I had two $50 cards and gave him the numbers for both. He then said that one of the numbers did not go thru and that Google had a server go down ( should have been another flag ) and payment was not accepted. He said that I could take care of this by purchasing a $100 iTunes gift card which I did. Called back, he answered the phone ( anyone else work at this place???? ), took the number and the payment was accepted. I asked about refunding the $100 on the Google Play cards and he "switched" to "Google" and I spoke with John ( Employee # GPS1943 and sounded just like Sam ). He checked to see about the refund and told that IRS guidelines only allowed refunds of a minimum of $300 and that if I provided $200 additional I would meet the requirement ( flag ). Of course who doesn’t want their money refunded so I provided them with an additional $200 of Google Play gift cards ( 2 $100 cards ). Sam, with whom I spoke with – again, he was waiting for my call patiently, asked me why I got 2 $100 cards instead of 1 $200 cards like he had asked. Before purchasing the 2 cards I did ask if they had to be Google Play cards and my now very good friend, Sam, said yes. He at no time did he indicate to me that it had to be 1 $200 Google Play card. At this point I stopped the conversations and am out $400! with no recourse of recovery. If any company asks for payment with gift cards, don’t do it. There is no paper trail.

The following is in retrospect after feeling certain that I was scammed and doing some research.

The physical address: 690 S HWY 89, Suite 200

Jackson WY 83001

This address houses numerous "Businnesses". When I asked my friend Sam where he was located he said Florida but sounded to me as if I had a phone connection that was from outside the United States as I did lose connection a couple of times and I called back each time.



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