jack harry

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Jamie –

Victim Location 21218

Total money lost $3,300

Type of a scam Romance

the scammer built an online relation with conversation and earned the trust and said he was a US marine posted in Afghanistan. near to his end term of his service there he was chosen to deployed to syria so he had to send his personal belongings to me and asked my personal address. the package was sent and it was 37kg and it got to be security cleared in Turkey airport. for this, he through third person who is taking care of his box (as he referred which was his life as it contained his laptop and retirement documents) asked me to send 730 USD to clear the security. later the box was scanned and was in trouble with the hidden money of 8200 which was not told to anyone. due to this, now this third person who is taking care of the delivery asked to send another sum of two transactions 2300 and 2500 USD. its during this 2500USD transaction process the western union people warned about scam.



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