Jack Anthony

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Tyler –

Victim Location 92404

Total money lost $4,000

Type of a scam Government Grant

Government Grant. A friend of a friend had a flier posted at work about applying for grants. Several people applied. My friends friend paid the fee that was requested, $1000(goggle play cards) and received $50,000. I am given the phone number posted and begin a long text conversation. Everything smacked of SCAM to me but my friend kept saying her friend got the money. I decided to go bigger since it was a sure thing and sent $4000 of google play cards. I was sent a FedEx link to track the delivery with no number, asked for the tracking number and was given a bogus number. Then this Jack Anthony tells me they now have an Unlock fee and i have to pay that before i get the grant. He now wants $10,000. Right. I have been back and forth texting and today he asked for my bank information and credit cards and i said no. Although i must add that initially he asked for personal info including a copy of drivers license. Unfortunately i sent that. What i can’t figure out is how is he sending some people money, as i said she got $50,000 and i don’t get anything and lose my $4000. Perhaps someone can answer that. Filed a complaint with the FTC



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