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Lydia –

Victim Location 33705

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Jaanu Skincare Advanced Facial Serum and Julo Eyecreme were offered as a free trial, paying just the postage. There was no mention of any ongoing purchases after the trial. I checked my credit card account and found that I have been charged $$89.75 by Trueblyss – 1-888-387-1768 (UT) and $84.75 by CSA*Superbryte 1-877-252-9202 (UT). I called the numbers given and found out that these were for the monthly supply of product that I signed up for. I told them I did not sign up for monthly products, that the products do not work and that I don’t want any of it. They offered 2 different lower monthly payment plans….1 for 50% off for LIFE. When I said I did not want it, they asked what I could afford each month. I responded $25 for each product (I was not going to do it, but wanted to see what they said). They came back with 60% off per month for each product. I said no, to cancel my orders and asked about a refund for the product they have charged me for. After ‘consulting’ with someone, she read a response saying they do not give refunds, thank you and hung up. I called back, got someone else and got the same exact spiel. I am disputing it with my credit card company, but feel that I will end up having to pay. When I looked up the trial offer and the various websites they have, I found that they use the same advertising for different named products….the latest being Divine Youth. They kept the same exact information, but just changed the names and product picture.



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