J P Radiator and Automotive

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Wayne –

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Upon answering, you are immediately met by an automated message explaining that your business has been selected for a chance to receive a 250, 000 dollar loan (it states you have met their criteria). You are then put on hold for a moment, proceeded by an "agent" whom asks for all your information. It came up as J P Radiator and Automotive; I called the number back. A man simply answered "hello" so I asked of they were said business and he said yes. I explained what happened, and he said a hacker must have used his number somehow. But – it was the exact same voice, and his choice of words, and tone were very revealing. He was by no means sincere in his mock surprise. It is a pure scam! I should also note – I do not own a buisness, which this is targeting. But apparently my new phone number used to be the number for J&P Welding – I often get calls from people thinking I am that business.



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