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Nathaniel – May 20, 2020

Victim Location 14304

Total money lost $750

Type of a scam Home Improvement

The problem again we are having is we cannot locate any valid address on this business to take them to small claims court. They never furnished their address to us and given every resource out there, we cannot locate anything on them to provide a current address for the small claims form. They also both have police records if that helps, the one brother David Pryor volunteered that information and stated he has done time in prison.

The two men who claimed this work would be done:

David Pryor 716-251-5388

Jason Pryor 716-239-5343 (his wife Jammie Pryor is listed on the business info 716-471-5754)

Timeline of events:

4/29/20-They came to our home (** *** St, Niagara Falls. NY *****) and a check was written for $750 (please see attached image) They stated they would do lawn rolling and install support beams in our garage, please note the spelling of "garage" and "repair" on the receipt image, we also realized after the fact that this "receipt" could have easily been written as it does not appear to be a business receipt.

4/30/20-Check was cashed on their end (showing cashed on our end as well) Check was made out to David Pryor who they claim is the father and the original owner of the company

5/13/20-This was the date the fight happened between David and Jason Pryor directly in front of our home when they were here to start work-there is a Niagara Falls Police Department record of this incident as my husband ***** ****** was questioned by the police on this and they took his statement, we were told the only person who can have access to this police record is the victim (David Pryor) who was assaulted by his brother (Jason Pryor).

5/15/20-Both brothers came back and apologized for the incident and claimed they still wanted to do the work (we rather stupidly accepted this apology) and agreed to let them do the work we paid for, on this day, they stated they would be here between 9-10am the following day on 5/16/20

5/16/20-They did not show up on this date as promised, they also did not contact us, we had to contact them. They claimed they forgot they had a party to go to and would be here the following day 5/17/20 which was a Sunday

5/17/20-We receive a text (we have all these images saved if this would be useful in anyway) where David Pryor states at 9:47am "will see you guys shortly I’m just getting up was out late last night but will be there no need for a panic attack", we tried contacting them several times and did not receive a reply-again this was a Sunday (we were confused as to why any professional business would be working on a Sunday), my husband finally sent a text at 1:24pm saying "ok, it is 1:15pm on a Sunday, you told my wife you would be here shortly, at 9:47am this morning, we are done doing business with you two. this is the most unprofessional way of doing business I have ever seen. One of you guys needs to come here with our money $750, we will have your sander and your lawn rolling waiting" (They had dropped off work materials here and we wanted them to take their stuff back). After this text my husband sent at 1:44pm, they replied and said they were at home depot and had just purchased all their material, and they were now going to return all the material they purchased and they were "tired of our demanding and disrespectful selves".

So that is pretty much everything I have, minus all the text messages we have that back up everything above and the police report which we were not able to obtain.



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