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Alejandro –

Victim Location 49418

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I typically don’t put any legwork into scams, but this one was unique. It first started out by receiving a call from a blocked number that notified me that I was late to a court hearing in my county (they stated my actual county.) This lady told me to call the law firm: J Edward Law Group at 844.502.6825 to get more information. Upon calling this "law firm," I was transferred to the Litigation team and they told me I had an outstanding balance from 2008 through a regional (5/3) Bank account. They provided no additional documentation and referenced an actual letter that was sent to my mailing address (they had that) about a month ago (I never received a letter.)

I went down to my local 5/3 Banking branch to make sure I didn’t have a balance on the account I actually did close in 2008, and they saw no record of a balance. Through research, I also found out that the statute of limitations in my state is 6 years, and this account would have been closed 11 years ago. I also researched J Edward Law Group and googled the address and phone number, and didn’t turn up anything (complete scam alert.) Upon calling them back and stating my intention of NOT paying them anything, the person on the other line (I asked for his name, Anthony Rubio) then started verbally assulting me. He called me "little buddy," and asked me how my wife would feel if she found out I was writing bad checks. The scary part is he had my wife’s name, and also had my full Social Security number. I called the authorities to hopefully stop this.



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