J.B. Shaw

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Carly –

Victim Location 27529

Total money lost $3,500

Type of a scam Home Improvement

One individual came to the house and inquired if any asphalt work was needed. Needing a bad dip at the end of the drive repaired I agreed. In about an hour, they came back and began spreading the asphalt over the entire driveway. By the end, the entire drive was covered and they estimated 1750 sq ft. I questioned that as it was almost as much sq footage as the house. Later measurement showed the drive to be 998 sq ft. After two weeks, the asphalt was cracking and chunks breaking out. I called and complained. On 2 May, Mr. Shaw came by the house and said he would make repairs in 30 days. On 10 June, I sent a text message after no calls would be accepted. No response to text message. After trying to track down info on phone numbers, I found at they were pre-paid cell phones. The driveway now is in worse shape than at the beginning,



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