J B Cramer or Kramer

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Roger –

Victim Location 63559

Type of a scam Phishing

Received a voicemail on my cell phone, my UNLISTED home phone and my son’s cell phone. Sophia Garcia, who supposedly is with a service processor in an unnamed county; said that I had papers they wanted to serve at my address on file and to avoid this I needed to call 833-449-6520 with case number MO7528 immediately or they would file said papers with an unnamed court. From everything I can find on the internet, there is no such business in Riverside, CA and others who have received these calls say that they are a bill collector scam. Please investigate and if possible do something to stop this kind of crap. It is bad enough that my husband and I have had our personal info stolen from Equifax and Home Depot and we sure as the devil don’t need this kind of nonsense to deal with.



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