It’s not a business it’s a person

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Christy –

Victim Location 50021

Total money lost $2,000

Type of a scam Romance

They pose as a vary good looking girl she developed a relationship with me for about7 months then said she has a uncle that has a lot of money & that if I give her my bank info to her that he will deposit money on my credit card I said no because no one gives that info out on the internet but she reassured me I could trust her so I did it took probably a & said that the money was there so look on my online banking account & ya my credit card was at $67 dollars still owed & that card wasn’t activated cause it was at its limit plus 67 so to reactive it I had to pay it off to zero balance I did & the bank ishude me a new card & to get the money to her she said go to Walmart & bye her 1500 in iTunes cards & said I could have 500 of it well that night went to Walmart got the 1500 in iTunes cards then the next day I went to my bank to with draw the 500 & the bank said it wasn’t there I said what there should be 500 left on there for me to with draw & they said the bank went to collect the funds from the account it was coming from said that account was frozen I was like what say that again yes some one has frozen that account well was able to with draw 30 dollars so ya the first thing I did was called the girl up & she answard but it’s a goggle phone account so is hard to under stand her & she was deniing it like what your bank froze your account I said no your uncle froze the account or who ever made it look like they put money on my account they frozed it so the bank couldn’t collect it ok then she said I’ll see what’s going on after that she won’t answer her goggle phone or any of my text so yes I’m sure I’ve been scammed ok hope you can help me out



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