ITE Solutions

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Spencer –

Victim Location 60563

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Tech Support

In contesting a charge by for a service we did not order, we spoke to a man, we’ve later found out was unaffiliated with Amazon, who we thought was from Amazon, who asked for and got access to our computer and determined that the charge was made by someone outside of the country, who had then hacked our internet service. He showed us all kinds of things allegedly on our computer that supported his claim. He then offered to connected us to ITE Solutions to clean up our computer. A woman gave us a hard sell to buy the cleanup service, and to sign up for 5 more years of service. At times we felt like we were being pushed where we didn’t want to go. We really had no idea how much trouble we were in, or not, or how to find out. We were an easy mark, and ended up sending them $1000.

Since then it has been almost impossible to make contact with ITE Solutions. The first phone number we were given was a fax number; more often than not if we call the number we have indicted to BBB, no-one answers. Once we were connected to the man who convinced us that we had been hacked. He reconnected us to ITE Solutions. The person who responded told us she needed to check something and would get back to us in 10 minutes. She never called back. They have tried to reach us by phone, saying something urgent needed attention, but left no means for us to reach them. An attempt to reach them by email yielded no response. ITE Solutions has a very small presence on the internet, and no connection to BBB, which apparently did try to get information at one time which was not forthcoming. The Federal Trade Commission, who we contacted, said our description of our experience sounded very suspicious. We received nothing from them except worry and a headache.



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