IRS investigations

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Geoffrey –

Victim Location 46208

Type of a scam Tax Collection

They stated you owed $5986.00 to the IRS and I need to call back by Friday 5 o’ clock or they will send someone to arrest me. And I would need a criminal lawyer.

Johnathan –

Victim Location 15367

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Left voicemail that if I didn’t call back they would file legal notice. Called back and (with foreign accent) says they are from IRS investigation department. I then hung up

Micah –

Victim Location 07305

Type of a scam Tax Collection

I recvd a voicemail….called twice, both parties hung up when I said this is a scam and I’ll ve reporting you to BBB.

Paula –

Victim Location 78364

Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a voicemail stating I must return their call to take care of allegations regarding tax filing and amount owed, or the matter would be taken to court or will be detained for five years. Called the number, same information was given by two men Jeffery Smith, and supervisor Mark Watson. I both explained that I owed an amount of $3,789 immediately or will have a warrant out for my arrest by my local police department, will be taken to court and will have to pay the amount on top of $25,000 fine and five years detained. I proceeded to ask more questions such as why just a 24 HR notice? What state are you calling from, which they never answered. When I refused to give my debit card information they asked for cash. Here is the number which they called: 1 (706) 524-0007 Ex. 143

Jeremiah –

Victim Location 05759

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Phone call originated from Youngstown, OH. 330-423-0403. Recorded message said it was of an urgent matter, a criminal case against me had been filed with the IRS and I was given a claim number and told to have my attorney or myself call immediately. The recording then said if I chose not to call "good luck". The number I was to call is 213-289-3862. I called and was asked for my full name. I was not told who I was talking to or given an ID#. I asked for both of these and was told I was speaking to Officer Shawn Anderson ID# IRN10625. He again asked for my full name to open the file and see what the case was regarding. I then said that I did not receive a letter (certified or otherwise) from the IRS and that the IRS does not make cold calls so this was suspect to me. Officer Shawn Anderson was adamant he was with the IRS Investigations department. I told him that I would be calling the BBB to report this number and call to which he responded that I could do that if I chose but he was who he said he was. I realized he was not going to give up so I hung up. I assume they were looking for money and personal information but the call did not go that far.



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