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Raymond –

Victim Location 83705

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Number keeps calling trying to say a federal warrant has been issued. It is automated, says to call back. Called the number back a lady answered, I replied “I missed a call from you”

They immediately hung up.

I kept calling to pester them. Dumb scammers.

Dale –

Victim Location 75126

Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a phone call they stated that they are from Internal Revenue Service they identify themselves as officer Emily Bennett with a badge number. Is she stated that there is action against me for not filing all of my access to the IRS there is a penalty for $75,000 and 5 years imprisonment for the year of 2008 to 2013. I under file my taxes therefore I old $4,900 to the IRS.

I stated if that is true then I need to gather all of my documents for the year of 2008 to 2013 to meet with them and settle this dispute.

She stated that I couldn’t do that because they are already had started process against me legally. For me to make this right I just have to pay them the taxes that I under file for those years. 2008 to 2013.

I stated that I didn’t understand her. that don’t make any sense to me that the IRS will not give me a chance to explain myself and show proof of documents of my taxes.

She started to explain to me over again the same thing that she explained to me before she kept repeating herself over then she started asking me questions. If I’m a convicted felony? She ask me the question about how much money do I have? that they can work with whatever I have to start making payments on the taxes.

I told her I didn’t understand her and she’s not making sense to me. She transfer my call to her manager once he got on the phone he introduce himself. started to repeat what Emily Bennett was saying, ( as if reading from scrip) I told him the same thing that I need to get my documents in hand to submit proof if this is true.

Then he read my address and my name to me to verify if he was talking to the correct person. I said yes I’m.

From there he was telling me that he couldn’t send me a letter in the mail because he wants to make sure that I get it no one else get it was really classified documents and they didn’t want anyone going through my mail and taking the documents. at that point I hung up the phone.

He called back and left a voice message I’m just stating that that they going to seize my house, car and bank account and " I’d better call them back "I block the phone number.

I called my son. Told him the story.

he called them from his phone and as soon as he got on the phone with someone there they automatically told him that there’s a case filed against him for back taxes. He went along with the scam just to see what they was taking about.



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