Intact Mystery Research Group

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Jeffery –

Victim Location 31036

Type of a scam Employment

Today, my 13 year old daughter received a check for $1960.42 along with an acceptance letter as a secret shopper. Contact person Kenny George 800-757-4074, 716-444-2181, or 705-500-1450 Ext 800

Noah –

Victim Location 60628

Type of a scam Employment

I’m a high school Personal Finance teacher. A student received a postal mail message from "INTACT MYSTERY RESEARCH GROUP." The letter came with a check that she was instructed to use as a secret shopper. Student took the check to a bank and was told it was fraudulent.

Trevor –

Victim Location 47906

Type of a scam Employment

Intact Mystery Research Group sent me a check to mystery shop for them. After careful review, I called the business on the check and found out the check was fraudulent.

Karl –

Victim Location 99205

Type of a scam Employment

The company said they were hiring me to be a Secret Shopper, since I had signed up( which I think I did as I got a website out of a book at the library on how to make extra money). I recieved a check with my name on it to cover shopping expenses and more money to pay me to shop. I went to the bank to ask about the check and I was told it was a fraud and that it was good I did not deposit it.

Anthony –

Victim Location 23225

Type of a scam Employment

I┬áreceived check in the amount of $1,960, payment for working for this company taking surveys with promise to make more money. Eventually, I would have to pay the money back – plus.



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