Infragraph Solutions – Imposter

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Brett –

Victim Location 98021

Total money lost $249.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

BEWARE OF THE FOLLOWING "SCAMMING BUSINE Infragraph SolutionsSS’: ***SAFE TECH SOLUTIONS – CHICAGO, ILL. — FOR IMMEDIATELY TECH SUPPORT Ph #: 877-769-5564 AKA:INFRAGRAPH SOLUTIONS, who you pay. Safe Tech Solutions was rated on the site as A+ rating (which has been proven to be false and since deleted from site) …………THE ABOVE BUSINESS’ ARE SCAMMERS AND ARE IMPERSONATING MICROSOFT….THEY SAID THEY WORK FOR MICROSOFT AS A THIRD PARTY DOING TECH SUPPORT FOR THEM. They all have Pakistani accents are SCAMMERS. They led me to believe they were legitimate. The "fake" MicroSoft Warning said my computer was infected. My computer froze up (I couldn’t shut my computer off) and couldn’t stop woman’s voice till I called the # 855-816-3635 phone number. They accessed my computer and charged me $249.99 to clean-up a "fake" infection/virus they created themselves which included 1 yr future tech support.(ph: 855-816-3635) They gave me "fake" confirmation numbers, GET-1338 Support Service #, and installed computer programs, and 1 yr tech support. I felt it was a scam and stopped payment on my check and then had to close down all bank accounts and associated charge cards. I had my local tech support group remove all of the spyware and malware at a cost of $275 for a rush job. I have been receiving calls from them asking for payment and I received another call last night and told them they are a scam and I am not going to pay them and have reported their scam to the BBB, Washington State Attorney General, MiscorSoft and my local police department and to stop calling me. Ph: # 855-816-3635 – is the support number; Ph: 866-711-5711 is the billing number — BEWARE THEY ARE SCAMMERS…



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